Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
We're calling your bluff. Mama and Dad have been making us be good for weeks now, saying you won't come if we're not. Well, we're done! We woke up looking for a fight today and we know you're too busy loading the sleigh to back out now, so we're done being good. We're fighting, yelling, being sassy and whiny, throwing toys, and causing mass havoc. What are you gonna do about it? Mama said she was about to be done with us by 8:30 this morning, and she's still here, so we know you won't bail out either. It sure does feel good to get all this pent up naughtiness out!
Love Much-
Hunter and Henry

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Grandma and Grandpa!

This year we've decided to send Christmas to the Grandparents via our blog. The boys have been practicing for weeks. We miss you, love you, and wish you a Merry Christmas!

The Big 4!

Hunter turned four last week; an event he has been waiting for and planning since December of last year. I promise he hadn't been three for a day when he started talking about when he would turn 4. This year he got to have his first friends party, and that too he has been planning for over a year. Since Disney's Cars is still his favorite movie (and the only movie he's not scared of), Hunter had a Cars Party. It was a great day- Hunter says it was a "Super-Dee-Duper Fun Party". No, those are not eggs on the cupcakes, they're tires. Or at least they were supposed to be tires. Hunter didn't blow out the candles, he blew off the cupcake! Luckily, Jordan picked it up really quick and nothing caught on fire.Hunter after eating his whole cupcake. None of the other kids managed to eat a whole one. (I made them from scratch, and those cupcakes were solid! Even though is was a seriously yummy little cake, it was just that- a mini cake.) Hunter is in love with his remote control dump truck. Every morning he sneaks into our room and tells me we just have to go downstairs because he's hungry. But then as soon as we get downstairs, all he wants to do is drive his truck. Hunter knows I'll jump and run if I think he needs food; he's a crafty little 4 year old!
Hunter and I made him a real cake on his actual birthday. Daddy also took Hunter out to breakfast and Hunter got to see Santa at Pre-school on his big day too. It was a busy day, but worth it, because Hunter loves being 4!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I've never been this ahead of the game before. Usually I don't start acknowledging the Christmas season until mid-December. This year I got my stuff together early, and now our tree is cut and decorated, our gingerbread is baked and decorated, and our shopping is done. It's nice to not be hurried up until the night before.

I find that trees are always better at night with the lights on, but my camera seems to only like it in the daylight hours.This year's house turned out to be a little more than I expected, but it was fun. It was harder and at the same time easier to assemble than last years graham crackers. Again, the boys loved every step; baking the gingerbread, picking out the candy, and of course decorating/eating.

We weren't on top of everything this year. Again we missed the boat on Christmas cards. I have an utmost respect for those families who can get everyone to look decent at the same moment for the camera. I know I could send out a card without a picture, but who wants that? So Merry Christmas to all.