Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July

This Fourth of July was different than any other we've celebrated; no friends, no barbecue, and no sunshine. We woke up to grey rainy skies- it was kind of nice weather actually- we felt a touch of Seattle here in Rochester. Since we had no family or friends around, we were forced to make our own home-made ice cream. Jordan undertook that process with a little help from Hunter and it turned out very yummy!

The boys are obsessed with trains lately. Every time we leave the apartment Hunter askes if we're going to buy his trains. I cannot believe how spendy those little toys are! We've been watching Craig's List and E-bay, but have finally decided that even from those sights it is just too big a present for "just because". So yesterday(on the way home from the toy store where we went to play trains) we told Hunter that when he is ready to only use the big boy potty and has no more diapers, we'll buy his trains. He said okay and hasn't asked since.

We finally ventured into Chucky Cheese land. The boys loved the games and pizza. Might be a little kid magic kinda thing- Jordan and I decided we like McDonalds better.

The little town were we're staying while waiting to get into student housing had their own carnival and fireworks show right across the street from our apartment,so we took the boys over during a break in the rain. Slides are another obsession of the boys right now (especially Henry), so the "Fun Slide" seemed like a great idea. I took Henry first. Really narrow, wobbly, and high stairs kinda had me freaked out before we even got on the slide, but we toughed it out and even though Henry shook the whole way down he laughed when we were done. Hunter went with Jordan and wasn't quite as nervous. It was nice to leave 10 minutes before the fireworks were to start and get perfect seats. That doesn't happen in Idaho. Good thing it was just a few minutes from home, because much to my disappointment, my babies don't love fireworks nearly as much as I do. So we came home and I finished watching them out our window. Even though we missed our friends and family, it was a good holiday.