Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Daddy the Dentist & The Museum of Play

Even though Jordan checks out the boys' teeth every night, we decided they needed an appointment with Daddy the Dentist, not just Daddy. They loved it! The big up and down chair, the fun sunglasses, practicing brushing on the giant teeth and picking out their own stickers; so much fun. Jordan enjoyed the visit as well; two rather calm and no issue patients in a row doesn't happen every day.
Even before we moved here, everyone told us about the Strong Museum of Play. I bought our pass our second week here (it also covers the zoo), but we didn't actually visit the Museum until just a couple of weeks ago. Now I see why everyone loves it. The boys could get lost in play land for days. We will be making good use of the pass once winter sets in, but for now we have to take advantage of the last few days of sun.

Monday, October 8, 2007

A childhood dream fulfilled

When I was four, my first sister got married and moved away. She and her husband traveled all over the country for quite a few years and she would always call home with stories of the fabulous or not so fabulous places they were either living or had visited. At some point in time she told me of Vermont. The most beautiful place ever- I honestly don't remember any exact words, but something she said made me believe Vermont was my dream location. Last week Jordan took me and the boys for a long weekend to upstate NY and Vermont.
We first went to Thousand Islands, NY. Crazy the things people do with an island. Boldt Castle is a tragic love story. This man builds his wife a castle as a sign of his love. Three months before it's finished she dies and he orders all work to stop and forbids his children or grandchildren from ever visiting the castle again. At 80 percent complete, he walked away. I told Jordan if he ever aspired to build me a castle and I died, he best not waste all that money by abandoning it!

Boldt Castle

So the little bridge in this photo is actually the US/Canada border. I guess the man of the house can't just leave home when his wife's hormones go crazy, he uses the bridge and leaves the country! I'm sure Jordan would appriciate that option some days.

Just the house on this island, no landscaping requried. This island is just the deck. Odd.

I found this little place on a lake that was super cheap right in the heart of Vermont for our last night of the trip. One might ask, "Why would a place on a lake, right in the mist of prime tourist travel be so very cheap?" Well, the view was great, my boys loved throwing rocks in the water , and we got out alive. Enough said.

Throwing rocks in the lake at the cabin
View from our cabin

On our way home, we went through Sharon, VT- the birthplace of Joseph Smith. It was truly stunning. One of the more beautiful places we visited.

I saved our favorite pictures from the trip for the last. Inbetween Thousand Islands and Vermont, we traveled through the Adirondack State Park. Beautiful. We spent one hurried night at Lake Placid (home to two winter olympics), where the view from our posh hotel was awesome. Like being on top of the world.
Vermont Cows
Lake Placid

New England Fall

Fall in the north east is beautiful, we're very lucky to be able to experience this part of the country. So thank you Jordan for continuing to fulfill all my dreams. Now I'm off to dream of new dreams.