Sunday, August 24, 2008


We may not live in Seattle anymore, but if a part of Seattle is near, we will find it! A quick weekend trip found us in Toronto, Canada for a Mariners game. Hunter loved it, but Henry thought we were going to play a baseball game. You can imagine his disappointment at sitting in a chair rather than running around the field. The Mariners didn't win, but it was still fun for most of us.

Casa Loma is this beautiful castle on a hill. It was built by some guy and his wife, lost in financial ruins, and is now a public building. The day we were there they were setting up for a wedding- how cool to get married in a castle! Scenes from several movies were filmed here (Skulls, X-Men, The Pacifier, Chicago). A trip to Toronto wouldn't be complete without a trip up the CN Tower. A 58 second elevator ride up to the top- a glass floor and a great view for those who aren't scared of heights.
Jordan was super excited to check out the glass floor. It freaked me out. I know it was perfectly safe, but I still didn't want to stand on it.
This was our first trip without a stroller. We just weren't sure how to navigate it through the subways and tourist attractions, so my poor boys had to walk a lot. Maybe a bit too much? Oh well, nothing like a nap on the subway. All in all, we really liked Toronto. It's beautiful, clean, and you can get almost anywhere without coming above ground. They even have shopping malls underground. We liked Toronto.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big News

Certain events are too much to believe; they are simply unimaginable until they really happen. And sometimes I think if I think or talk about said event, it will just make it all the more disappointing if it does fail to happen. So, that is why I have waited so long to post this blog- I just didn't want to jinx our great situation. But now it's time to announce... We are day time diaper free! It's been a long, slow road, (that Henry started down himself), but he's doing a great job and loving his big boy underwear. Well done Henry!