Monday, August 27, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

The Little League World Series!
Jordan watched the games every year while growing up, so now that we're only two hours away, how could we not go to watch them in person. The boys were great for the ride down and were real troopers in the 98 degree heat. I forgot to charge the camera before we left, so we had to take pictures with a disposable from Walmart. How ancient and even embaressed we felt asking people to take our picture with a disposable! It sure did make us thankful for the technology of digital cameras though. On a good note: we were excited to get our film back to see if any of our pictures turned out- isn't that silly. Oh yeah- USA(Georgia) beat Japan for the World Championship in two extra innings with a home run for those of you who didn't catch it on ESPN.

On this little getaway we also visited Hershey, PA. The boys enjoyed the park, but Jordan and I are just not amusment park people. We both got a little sick on the kiddie roller coaster; the boys however, were fine. We split up and took them on the Skyview- nice little ride over the park- nice that is unless you're afraid of heights. Somehow I didn't even think of that until Henry and I left the ground. Poor Henry had a little death grip sweat mark on his shirt. I was terrified. Once again, the boys loved it.
Our final stop was Gettysburg. Jordan and I have been watching the PBS series since we moved here (it's ten videos long), so we felt pretty prepared. I have a whole new respect for the Gettysburg Address- I don't know that it meant much to me in high school, but now it stirs something in me. We bought a copy and I hope to frame and hang it up. I still cannot fathom living in such a time as they did; I am thankful we live where we live- timeline and location.
We saw a lot of great things and probably had some great picture moments, but without the power of digital, we didn't bring home any real winners. I'll remember to charge the camera for next weekend's trip to watch the UW Huskies @ Syracuse and our Boston tour.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Is this Heaven? No, it's Whipple Park!

So, we are finally settled in to our Real New York Home. The boys think it's a little slice of heaven; playground ten steps out the front door, huge sandbox around the corner, always friends to play with, and never a dull moment. We are very pleased with our decision to live in Graduate housing while here in Rochester.

Henry has a new nickname- "Naughty Naughty". Our angel baby has developed his own little defiant personality. Most of the time he'll look at me to make sure I know he's about to be naughty and then laugh and rush all the more when I tell him no. He's pretty much perfected the "No" face. It makes me laugh every time
Hunter just runs non-stop. From the time he wakes up until we wrestle him into the bath at night (sometimes he settles in for a nap) he loves to play with his friends and all the communal toys. We are in a good place.

Jordan is enjoying work- it started out pretty slow, but now they keep him pretty busy and he is confident that he can do this for a living. Good thing- I don't want to start over now. I am not the dedicated wife that those supporting husbands working towards a PhD are; I need an end date. So many families here are in PhD programs that could take anywhere from 4 to 8 years, they really don't know how long the process will take. I'm thankful Jordan is Dental, not PhD.
We're pretty excited for the next few weeks- a couple of really great weekend trips- the Little League World Series and Boston.