Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter in our World

The New Year found us on a fabulous sled hill with some great friends. We went to the same hill last year, but it was tons better this year. It was warmer, the wind was calm, and both boys could walk back up the hill by themselves this time. It was a great outing.But when Henry's done, he's done.A recent playdate graced us with the fun of an inside "snow storm". It's amazing the amount of little clingy bead things are in about half of a large bean bag. It's even more amazing the mess two four year olds and an almost three year old can do in about 30 minutes of un-visually observed playtime. (My friend and I were upstairs chatting while the boys played in the basement.) A perfect example of why we need to visually check on our kids, not just always trust their verbal answer of "We're just playing".
Oh well, nothing an extra four hours with a borrowed shop vac and a batch of blueberry muffins (for the shopvac owners- our apartment maintance crew) didn't fix. Gotta love the winter time!