Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ahh, the power of a girl. The boys willingly traded in light sabers and bikes for curling irons, blow dryers, and brushes.
Miss Halle came to stay with us this weekend, and the boys got a lesson in doll beauty.

It's been wiggly for a couple of weeks now, but on Saturday, Hunter finally finished the job!

Side note: Jordan took Hunter into the clinic for x-rays to make sure all was well with his mouth about the third day the tooth was loose. Hunter is not quite 4 1/2, which is pretty young to loose a tooth, but the secondary teeth are ready, so no concerns.
And finally...Swim party season has begun. By 7:30 in the morning the boys are begging to be outside, and our "backyard" is prime water party ground. It's going to be a great final few weeks here!


Jill said...

Girls really do have more fun. Halle is adorable!!

Congrats on the tooth buddy! How much is the tooth fairy paying these days?

I, too, am so excited for summer. It's amazing how much sun does wonders for my body. My kids have had so much fun being outside all day, too. It's still not quite warm enough for a pool party, but its getting there. Fun for you guys! I hope all is well.

Chrystal said...

I can't believe he lost a tooth already.
When do you all move? We are driving up to Idaho this July, the end of the month. Maybe we could get together. We will have to be in touch.

Jen N Shane said...

Wow Awsomeness!! CAN'T Wait to see you all

Jessica said...

Wow, There is a little (4yr old) red headed girl in my ward named Halle. Wierd.

Jared keeps asking when he's going to loose a tooth. and he'll turn 6 on Saturday. I want to keep his cute little teeth in his head as long as we can. Adult teeth are just the beginning of the awkward growing-up stages...

Comment on Chrystal's comment: WHAT? You're moving?? Done with New York??? I'm disappointed we never got out there!

Andrea said...

It makes a young man well-rounded to be exposed to girlish toys...not to mention the fun you'll have with those photos when they become "macho" teenagers.

Matt, Kistine, and Alexa Uffens said...

You guys are funny! We had such blast when Alexa's little boyfriend came to play, so I can definitely relate. Loosing teeth already? Kara-your kids are growing up! Scary! Sorry...I'm totally behind, you are moving back to ID? Are you going back to Shelly? Jordan is totally finished right?