Friday, March 6, 2009

Nothing of Consequence

I find February and March to be a bit like the third quarter of a basketball game: it just kind of drags on with little excitement. Thankfully the Strong Memorial Museum of Play is always like the last minute of a really close game- a whirlwind of excitement!
The boys love to "fly" this airplane. With a million kids and only two chairs, getting to be the pilot or co-pilot are coveted positions.

In honor of Mr. Potato Heads induction to the Toy Hall of Fame, an entire section of the Museum is currently focused on Mr. Potato Head. My boys loved "driving" the Safari Jeep.

Henry's Mr. Potato Head had have a purse. He was so proud of himself for finding all the parts and pieces by himself.

Hunter's was a little more traditional.

And when it's too cold to leave the house, Dad and his boys are fine tuning their old school race car skills.
So nothing much of consequence to blog about, but I'm tired of seeing Henry's birthday blog every time I log on to enjoy the excitement of everyone elses Feb/March. It will be April soon though, and then our lives will pick up in pace and excitement. So until it does, we will continue to be thankful for a great museum. And a great dad.