Monday, September 17, 2007

Boston, Boston, Boston

Born to be a Husky.
Even three thousand miles away my babies are still Husky fans! Watching the UW vs. Syracuse game was awesome; it was like a little slice of home away from home. Putting Hunter's hat on resulted in my favorite conversation in ages- here are the highlights. As mom puts on the hat, Hunter "When I grow bigger and bigger I work at McDonalds" Henry "Me too, me too". Mom "Oh no, not two McDondalds flunkies". Hunter "McDonalds has monkeys?!"
I have mixed emotions about Boston. It reminded me of Seattle in that I really didn't like it for the first few hours (I hated Seattle when we visited on our honeymoon and when we went to look for housing- it seriously had to grow on me),so I imagine that I could absoultely fall in love with Boston if given enough time. There are a ton of things to do and we covered most of them. If anyone ever visits Boston, I highly recommend the "Go Boston" Card- you pay once and then just flash the card at all the venues. The boys loved the subways (trains), Duck bus/boat (Ride the Ducks),the Boston Children's Museum (more trains), and the Aquarium (a lot of penguins). Jordan loved the Freedom Trail and all the historical sights. We visited a lot of Paul Revere sights and the State House- where the Declaration of Independence was read to the public for the first time. Boston is definately a city rich in history.
Our last stop in Boston was Fenway- to see the Big Green Monster and watch a Red Sox game. Note to self: Fenway is not Safeco. The seats are so very small and so very close together. It didn't work to only buy two tickets and then just hold the boys. Complete misery! We lasted just shy of three innings and then had to bail.
On a good note: we didn't have to squish together for the family picture- that's how we were the whole time. I really liked the stadium though.
Poor Henry left his "Boo" in the hotel. (It's really in my kitchen cupboard) I seriously think if Jordan weren't a dentist I'd give the boo right back to Henry. It was like a drug for him- complete uphoria. I guess if he someday has unresolved issues with Boston we'll know why.
It's good to be home. Jordan has started his fall schedule and I'll go ahead and say it's not so user friendly. Early classes, lunch classes, and late classes- long days for everyone. They say it's just this first fall that's rough, so I guess if we survived 2nd year dental school we can handle this fall.