Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just 4 kiDDS

Jordan's office has been open about two and a half weeks now. Jordan loves having his own office and doing things his own way. He says all the stress is worth it, so I guess the last ten years are slowly proving themselves. We've had great responses from our patients and literally everyone who comes through the door loves the office. Here are a few pictures of the office; the picture of the building with the sign is too big for me to upload, but you can see it if you check out the website:

Here's the sign just off the road.Front Desk (Jordan hates the sign- the colors were supposed to be solid, but instead they're almost see through so the lights reflect and it's hard to read. Chances are it will be different before too long!)
The CARS collection. Jordan and the boys have spent the last 2-3 years collecting all the cars from the CARS movie. Last count there were just over 120 (not counting doubles). There are no repeats in the case-each one is somehow different and from a different scene in the movie. Kids love this display.
The movie theater has been great for families with multiple children. No one minds waiting for his/her turn. My brother-in-law custom made the train table and race car track (as well as the display cases and wii cabinet). I love that the train table isn't a typical rectangle. So far, moms love being able to fill out paperwork without keeping their kids entertained- we do it all for them. The arcade center has proven to be loved by dads just as much as kids.

Open bay hygiene areas make it easier for mom's with two kids back at the same time to be with both kids. They also lend for great teaching models (nervous kids see there's nothing to be nervous about from other well behaved kids) We use benches instead of regular dental chairs to eliminate the startle factor from the chair reclining.
After a child is all done, he/she gets to pick a prize from the "concession stand" while mom takes care of the check out. (The soda and popcorn are just props- they do not work and we will not let a patient-or parent-have any popcorn while in the waiting room or before they leave. No matter how many times mom or dad ask.)
And while we've been slaving away getting Jordan's office up and going, the boys have been hard at work in the mud. Many hours were spent in the back yard this summer creating rivers, islands, waterfalls, and lakes. Good thing Idaho mud isn't like the mutant mud of NY. No clothing was completely ruined.
And our most favorite part of the summer- The SnoShack. We went almost everyday, except our last day when we went twice. We are snow cone snobs; I'd rather have no snow cone than eat a bad snow cone. The SnoShack is the only place I (and now my boys) will eat a snow cone from. Lucky for us there are about 3 in Idaho Falls and one just down the road in Shelley. There weren't many things I was excited to come back to Idaho for-but the SnoShack was one of them. And yes, that is our new (to us) mini-van in the picture. We have to have two cars here and even though I feel pretty old school next to all the SUV mama's,we like how much storage space it has. So gas guzzling aside, it's a good car. The boys love having a tv in the car and Jordan loves that they can't kick our seats anymore. So in a nutshell, that's where we've been the past few months.